Hailing from Shreveport, Lousiana, 15 year-old Aaron Carpenter started off posting Instagram pictures and gained a significant amount of followers over time. He would cross promote with other people off of social media to gain more fans.  One day he sent out a message about meeting people at the Galleria in Dallas and almost 200 people showed up to meet him. A tour was created based on Aaron and his status as a social media influencer. It all took off from there! Aaron has traveled all over the U.S. making appearances, along with being the focus of a Forbes Magazine article titled, “How To Get Your Hashtag Trending.”

He has made several appearances on nationally syndicated television shows. Aaron also performs, sings and raps on tour. He’s released a song to SoundCloud and is currently working on more music. Within a year Aaron has gone from less than 5,000 followers to over 1.1M followers on Twitter alone. He created a Vine account in late September and has gained a following of 1M followers. As of August 2014 Aaron’s combined followers has reached 4,000,000+ and the number just keeps on growing.